Vivo X50 Pro 5G : Impressive Camera Smartphones With Lots of Camera Features

The Vivo X50 Pro 5G is one of the best Vivo smartphones since With good design, good camera, good sound, reasonable price, plus support for 5G.


Vivo X50 Pro 5G is available in only one color, Alpha gray, which is seen here. The back cover will have a little gradient. From light gray to dark gray with a bit of bluish too, it’s a calm color that will suit everyone. With sandblasting on the back cover for a slippery touch Little fingerprints

Vivo X50 Pro 5G has a 3D flexible screen or a curved screen that meets the curved back cover. Makes holding the device in good hands It feels like a premium device on the screen. The back cover and the edges of the Smartphone come together firmly. There is no fluttering feeling.

Let’s take a look around the device. Vivo X50 Pro 5G has a single speaker at the back of the device. It is a loud mono speaker. Not a stereo speaker And there is only one USB-C port, there is no 3.5 mm slot, but in the box it comes with a USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter with 3.5 mm headphones.

Which Vivo does not leave the pattern of Hi-Fi SmartPhone, this mobile phone has AK4377A audio chip, a special DAC chip that restores the details of the music to be bright Kinds that hear immediately that the sound through Hi-Fi mode is different from normal listening. Which we can use this Hi-Fi mode by plugging in headphones via the USB-C port only Cannot be used with Bluetooth wireless headphones, but if you use Vivo TWS Neo headphones, you will get the latest aptX Adaptive audio codec that retains a lot of sound details.


The screen of the Vivo X50 Pro 5G is a 6.56-inch AMOLED screen, Full HD + resolution with a refresh rate of 90 Hz that provides a smoother motion of the picture than the general screen. With a touch response sensitivity of 180 Hz, I am fascinated. Play the game and feel quickly. This screen also supports Full HD HDR display of Youtube, Netflix does not support HDR display, but it can be used in full HD resolution. The top of the screen is a 3.96 mm hole punched front camera. It’s in the top left corner. And there is a fingerprint sensor under the screen that works very quickly.

The special feature of this curved screen is the Ambient Light Effect effect when playing the music and turning off the screen. There will be graphics, sound, bouncing on the edge of the screen for about 1 minute, including the time of notification or when someone calls in, there will be a light running on the edge of the screen to be beautiful.


The biggest highlight of the Vivo X50 Pro 5G is the rear camera with the world’s first gimbal stabilization. Stabilization more than general OIS system, which if we move the phone while using the camera You can see that the inner lens is moving to compensate for shaking. This big main lens uses a Sony IMX598 sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels f / 1.6.

The lens on the left is a 2x zoom lens, 13 megapixel resolution, f / 2, focusing on portraits. Because it is a lens with a field of view similar to the human eye
The right-hand lens is a 120-degree, 8-megapixel f / 2.2 wide-angle lens, which can also be used as a macro photography lens.
And the last lens is a square lens It must be a Periscope camera with 5x zoom, 8 megapixel resolution, f / 3.4 with OIS, very full.

The picture quality from the 4 rear cameras comes out beautifully in every camera. We experimented with taking pictures of Ratchaprasong Road from the widest angle. You can see that the camera can capture details on the road and clouds in the sky as well. When the zoom is the main 1x camera, the details of the image are equally good. Up to the 2x zoom camera, 5x zoom, it can keep the details of the building as well as the Hyper zoom Digital zoom up to 60 times, which still reads the name of a small hotel.

In addition, the camera of the Vivo X50 Pro can also focus on the eyes of the subject. And can focus on moving objects as well The main camera in the Gimbal system also helps compensate for shaking of our hands. Makes photography more clear as well

As for portrait photography, it can take beautiful pictures with both the main lens 1 times and the zoom lenses 2 times, which can make the background blur to be beautiful, smooth to the eyes, good. There are also many bokeh patterns to choose from, such as heart-shaped or star-shaped, and what I really like is the filters for portraits that look great, especially Japanese-style photos of girls. Really pretty clear, Harajuku, which Vivo also has a shooting gesture guide mode. With options to customize the face to be as beautiful as ever

Night photography is amazing. Both normal Night Mode photography that makes the image much brighter, both the main lens and the zoom lens. But wide-angle lenses may produce darker and less detailed images than other lenses. Go a bit And a special mode like Astro mode that opens the camera for several minutes in combination with a tripod to capture the beautiful night sky. The sharpness and color of the image are very bright, which in our example the sky might be a little brighter because it is in the city and it is almost full moon. But still can take a star in the picture

Video shooting

An important point in getting a gimbal camera? 4K 30 fps video shooting provides smoother image movement.The gimbal can compensate for more motion than the original OIS system, making the image look smooth and smooth like driving. spacecraft But it is still not as soft as a real gimbal. If you want to be smoother, you have to turn on Ultra Stable mode at 1080p resolution at 60 fps and cropping in to use electronic stabilization to help. Which makes movement really soft

If you want to shoot video and zoom back and forth, switch each lens. It has to shoot at 1080p resolution 30 fps, which is the highest specification video that can be taken with a wide angle lens. Including a 5x zoom lens, if the resolution is shifted to 4K or selected to use 60 fps, it will not be possible to shoot with interchangeable lenses.

And we can shoot video at up to 4K 60 fps at this resolution, the camera will not use electronic image stabilization, but only the Gimbal system, which offers a wider angle than normal shooting. And the movement will be less smoother But if holding a good photo Still can take pictures. Gimbal system can help a lot, but there is no Auto Focus system and can shoot video at a maximum resolution of 1080p.

Front camera

The quality of the front camera is fine. Selfie can be taken clearly and with good details. The skin color looks healthy and natural. As for taking a clear face after blurring May still cut some edges not smooth Which should be improved in the future As for video shooting with the front camera, it can be sharp. And when shooting in low light, it can use the entire screen as a flash to illuminate the face. While still retaining the details of the light in the background.

After you take a picture or video, Vivo X50 Pro 5G also has an interesting image editing tool, including Ultra HD Image that enhances image clarity or Remove Shadow for editing images, documents that have been taken and then add shadows to fade out shadows. Want to decorate Portrait to be beautiful, still have the ability to add lipstick color Adjust the layout of the page or layout to be desired. You can delete unwanted objects. And the functions that many people want, such as Collage making, are easy to use, just select multiple images, press Collage and choose a design, and you’re done.


Vivo X50 Pro 5G is without a wireless charging system. Only need to be plugged in to charge via USB-C, but Vivo offers the Vivo FlashCharge 2.0 33 Watt kit, which charges quickly. And the battery is full Can be used to finish the day comfortably

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