Twitter is testing a new feature “undo send” Option to cancel tweets after sending

Many people of Twitter world probably already know that If we have tweeted something already We will not be able to edit that message like other platforms, which were previously called for features like this. But the Twitter itself has already made clear that There will be no text editing features! Because it’s unique to Twitter And messages that are retweeted by a lot of people may be corrected to misrepresent the retweet’s preferences.

But most recently, Twitter introduced a new feature called undo send, which is a feature that gives The user has 5 seconds to make a decision. Whether to tweet the message or not The feature was found by Jane Manchun Wong who used to release news of new features. Of many popular apps Even though the experimental feature is not the one that the user is claiming to have. But at least it can help slow down the time it takes to detect errors in the message before posting it.

It is also rumored that the feature could be a part of the paid subscription model survey. Those who will be able to use the undo send feature will have to pay extra first. Currently, Twitter is testing additional features that can add extra features to the paying person.

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