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Thinnest 5G Smartphone with Awesome Cameras : Vivo V20 Pro 5G

Vivo continues to penetrate the smartphone market shortly after the release of the flagship model Vivo X50 Pro 5G is ready to officially launch the Vivo V20 series smartphone market. Which continues the success that Vivo V19 series made in the first half of the year.

Vivo V20 Pro 5G, the world’s thinnest design 5G smartphone and only 170g light, comes with a 44-megapixel selfie camera, Eye Autofocus and a 64-megapixel rear camera, supporting fast charging. 33W Vivo FlashCharge 2.0, the device color that was tested is a very beautiful Sunset Melody color, we will review it together.

Design + Display

Vivo V20 Pro 5G comes with an AMOLED display with a resolution of 2400 × 1080 (FHD +), size 6.44 inches, 408ppi, display in a 20: 9 aspect ratio with brightness of 600 nits.And supports HDR 10 above there is a notch for installing a dual camera, 44 megapixel + 8 megapixel resolution selfie.

Supports finger scanning on the screen And unlock the screen with the front camera and can also enable Alway on Display.

The back looks elegant with smooth matt glass with AG Matte Glass technology, adding elegant beauty to the device. It is also resistant to scratches. With AF technology that greatly prevents fingerprints The back is eye-catching with a gradient color. Forging art Trend and classic together To show the beauty of nature, all 3 colors.

Specifically, the body color I tested was Sunset Melody, a combination of blue and orange hues reminiscent of the beautiful sunset beach vibe and the mysterious and energetic Midnight Jazz black. Expressing peace and confidence and white, Moonlight Sonata is as beautiful as the moonlight on the sea to choose from.

All 3 rear cameras of the Vivo V20 Pro 5G are neatly laid out in thin layers, layering layers that add each step neatly from the first step in classic black that the camera lens is attached to. The second step is the base, a decorative frame, around the color that harmonizes with the cover. Next down is the position of the LED flash with the words Hybrid Zoom. The third step is the back cover that covers the battery.

The design highlights of the Vivo V20 Pro 5G are the screen edges that come with 2.5D curvature, the side edges that are only 7.39 mm thin and weigh only 170 grams, making the Vivo V20 Pro 5G a 5G smartphone that has Thinnest in the world right now.

Front Camera

Highlights of the Vivo V20 Pro 5G, the first thing that cannot be overlooked at all, is the presence of a dual selfie camera installed in the notch on the screen, consisting of a 44-megapixel f / 2.0 main camera with Eye Autofocus feature and Super Wide Angle Camera, 8 megapixel resolution, f / 2.28, 105 degree wide angle.

Eye Autofocus feature for auto-tracking eye focus It will help taking pictures with the selfie camera to come out beautifully sharp even when moving the face in any way. It sets focus on the eyes rapidly from 15 cm to the farthest point clearly. No matter how close you are to shooting or how far away you are with the selfie stick. Can take sharp selfies .

So you don’t need to keep staring at the camera every time, so you can get a more natural image. It is definitely different from other smartphones. You can also set to focus on other areas, including Body Autofocus to focus on people and Object Autofocus to focus on moving subjects.

For Portrait mode or portrait mode with beauty mode. Able to shoot both normal at 1x and 0.6x, or a 105-degree ultra-wide-angle selfie that is perfect for taking group photos or taking photos with beautiful views. With wide-angle distortion correction algorithm of background and person separation.

Including the ability to adjust the blur of the scene as you like from f16 to f0.95 and also choose to adjust the Bokeh image 5 types, such as hearts or stars.

In night mode, Vivo V20 Pro 5G can take beautiful selfies with AI low-light portrait that adjusts the light on the face, and also can turn on the beauty mode And it also brightens the face with the Selfie Softlight Band. Turns the screen light into a soft light like a studio light when shooting with the perfect color temperature. And a more natural skin tone.

Video recording with the Vivo V20 Pro 5G’s selfie camera supports a resolution of up to 4K 60fps with Super Portrait Stabilization. With a 3D Sound Tracking system.There are various types of color tones or styles in video modes, such as in Portrait mode, including face beauty adjustments, and using the Super Wide Angle lens to take video selfies as well.

It is possible to shoot a front camera video with a clear front art portrait after blurring. Or you can also shoot the background in black and white. There are many filters to choose from.

The new Dual View VDO feature of Vivo V20 Pro 5G can record video simultaneously for both front and rear cameras.There are 2 types to choose from: Picture in Picture, with a small screen and a large screen.

Or a half-screen Dual View, left, right, top, bottom, can switch channels back and forth as well. Suitable for traveling, so you don’t miss the opportunity to capture the moment both yourself and the beautiful view at the same time.

In this mode, we can also choose to use 3 types of lenses: front and rear cameras. Front camera and Super Wide Angle wide-angle lens camera at the last rear camera can use the rear camera at the same time as both the main lens and the Super Wide Angle lens.

As well as can also shoot Slo-Mo selfie videos with the front camera to show off to your friends on the online world in a stylish way.

Rear Camera

Let’s have a look at the rear camera of Vivo V20 Pro 5G, which comes with 3 rear cameras, consisting of :

  1. Main camera, 64 megapixel resolution f / 1.89
  2. Super Wide Angle Camera, 8 megapixel resolution, f / 2.2, 120 degree wide angle shooting
  3. Mono camera, 2 megapixel resolution f / 2.4

The rear camera of the Vivo V20 Pro 5G has a resolution of 64 million pixels, f / 1.89 can shoot at a distance of 0.6x, 1x, 2x and as far as 10x. Bokeh effect and a Super Macro lens for close-up shots of up to 2.5cm.

In Portrait mode or Portrait mode, there is a beautiful color tone or Style to choose from, use the front camera, do not waste time editing images in other apps. Including a build mode And adjust the background blur from f16-f0.95.Of course, Bokeh can also be selected into various shapes, either heart-shaped or star-shaped, etc.

Add a touch of portrait light effect to your photography with a wide range of lighting effects including Studio light, Stereo light, Loop light, Rainbow light and Monochrome Background.

Some interesting shooting modes are as follows: High resolution Take pictures at the maximum resolution of 64 megapixels, Pro mode that can set the camera more finer. Ready to support shooting in RAW file format, Duble exposure 2-picture exposure mode with the front back camera at the same time.

No problem in shooting. Pets while running Or moving objects Just double tap the person or object. This will activate Motion Auto focus, the focus will follow the subject. Helps to get sharp images And can take pictures continuously For other modes, Live Photo, Panorama, Time-lapse, Slo-Mo, Doc or AR Sticker are also available.

Vivo V20 Pro 5G’s nighttime shooting mode is also fun to take, as opposed to older models like the Vivo X50 Pro with AI noise cancellation technology to reduce noise or noise of images and Sky Divider to help make sky photos look natural. Clearly present the beauty of the night.

In addition to taking clear pictures at normal distances It is also capable of shooting at 2x and 0.6x distances as well, this is not enough, there are also four other color tones to choose from, very beautiful: Black & Gold, Blue Ice, Green Orange and Cyberpunk.

The video mode of the rear camera can use all the features of the front camera. But can zoom 1x, 2x and up to 10x can take a super wide angle.

Supports resolutions up to 4K at 60 frames per second. There is an Ultra Stable image stabilization system. Open beauty mode as usual. Other modes are available, including Dual View, VDO, or Art portrait.

Image Editing Features

Vivo V20 Pro 5G comes with an intelligent image editing feature called AI Image Matting that can realistically separate people from the background. And can be done easily because AI will Crop or select a person And the background automatically in one touch only.Can change the background Remove unwanted people from the photo. It’s easy to do with AI. No need to waste time editing photos on your computer anymore.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor chip comes with a Snapdragon X52 modem chip, giving Vivo V20 Pro 5G support for 5G networks, just like the Vivo X50 Pro previously released. Supports both SA & NSA 5G networks, maximizing efficiency, allowing seamless connections. Reduce network delays in poor signals or in confined spaces such as elevators or subways.

5G has more than 20 times the internet connection speed than current 4G, has less than 1 millisecond latency, the lower the latency, the more efficient. For remote wireless commands such as online gaming And playing games through the cloud that will happen in the future In addition, 5G technology also supports the number of devices connected in the same area, 10 times more than 4G.

Vivo V20 Pro 5G uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor chip, comes with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, which Snapdragon 765G chip has been improved CPU 10% faster, improved GPS 40% faster, reduced power consumption by 35% and Has 100% more AIE performance compared to Snapdragon 730 chip.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G is built with 7nm technology on a 64-bit architecture, featuring a Kryo 475 CPU and Adreno 620 GPS, with a 5th generation Artificial Intelligence Engine for AI processing, and a Snapdragon Elite Gaming feature. The phone responds to play games quickly and smoothly. With cinematic sound and graphics.

Multi-Turbo 3.0

The newest version of Multi-Turbo, which has been updated with ART ++ Turbo, which enhances performance, please the game even more with Game Turbo that will help prioritize the CPU and memory. That reduces frame rate drop problems by 78.05%

System Framework Optimization (in Center Turbo) effectively controls the priorities of system notifications. This increases the response speed by 30% and ART ++ Turbo accelerates the activation. Including application switching Approximately 40% of latency can be reduced.

Ultra Game Mode

In addition to the Multi-Turbo 3.0 technology, Vivo V20 Pro 5G has also received a new update to Ultra Game Mode in order to help open various Do Not Disturb modes while playing games Prevent taking screenshots while playing games caused by accidental touch.

There is also a visual effect to lock the screen brightness to the sharpest. Adjust the frame rate according to the CPU temperature in the game for the best gaming experience.

Vivo V20 Pro 5G also has a Vapor Chamber Liquid Cooling heat transfer system with D5 liquid that can dissipate heat from the CPU quickly. Even with heavy use And also increase the lifespan of the CPU to be more long No matter how many applications are turned on, the V20 Pro still has a constant temperature, able to play continuously for a long time.


Vivo V20 Pro 5G uses the Funtouch OS 11 operating system based on the latest Android 10 version. Dynamic Effects can be adjusted, set the animation on the screen. Unlock screen Face recognition effect And many other displays. IManager is a assistant that takes care of the system such as cleaning junk files on smartphones. Or scan for problems at night.


Vivo V20 Pro 5G receives a 4,000mAh capacity battery that provides all-day long use. And supports fast charging technology 33W Vivo FlashCharge 2.0, which takes just 30 minutes to get more than 50% battery and vivo Energy Guardian (VEG) intelligent power manager helps to use it for a long time.

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