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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Phone : 5G Smartphone at Impressive Budget

Creating content for online platforms has become increasingly popular with a variety of channels. Together with the equipment for work, it is easier to find Some items can be used with a single phone to finish the job comfortably. With built-in completeness Both cameras, screens, performance and speed of uploading / downloading For example, the phone model that we have taken to review this time is the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G.

The A52 5G itself is considered a series that focuses on value. But at the same time, it is also complete for almost all applications, as always, the A52 itself will have 2 sub-models, divided into A52 LTE (4G) and A52 5G that we received for review. This Which will be slightly different in specification But of course both Meet the needs of people who work with content with ease.

The overall specification is classified as a medium-strength mobile phone. The answer to general use without any problem. You will be able to play the game comfortably. But may have to downgrade the graphics a bit For the smoothest picture possible The cameras are also supplied in 3 phases, suitable for taking pictures / videos to create quite a variety of content. It also has an additional camera mode. To increase the fun of use as well Which will be discussed in the review of the camera of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G.


The shape of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is similar to other Samsung phones by using the Infinity-O style screen with a cutout for the front camera in the center of the screen. As for the screen’s edge, it is not too thick. It is a cut-down style with a slight arc. This makes it possible to drag Edge panels, which are shortcuts for easy access to the app.

The color of the screen Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is also quite good in the style of the Super AMOLED screen in a mobile phone. It is brighter, if you use Dark Mode, it will drive the colors of the icons to stand out more. Its maximum brightness is 800nits, it can be used outdoors without problems.

In which the brightness of that level Of course, it will help to display HDR images even better, with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G able to watch HDR content without a problem. As in the picture above, I opened it from YouTube at 1440p HDR resolution. The display is extremely smooth.

If you want to preserve your eyesight, it has Eye Comfort Shield mode that reduces blue light. And increase the warm colors of the image To make the picture look more comfortable Especially with use at night.

Speaking of the flow of the image, the A52 5G also has a selling point in this regard. That is, the screen supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, making the motion of the image on the screen smooth, such as scrolling through the Facebook feed, switching screens, changing apps, but if you want to save more battery. Can be adjusted to a Standard mode that will easily switch to a refresh rate of 60Hz.

There is also a fingerprint scanning sensor under the screen. Make it possible to unlock the screen from both fingerprint scanning, face scanning, or using a password, enter a pin code, or drag a pattern like you want. Suitable for use in the age of wearing a mask like this.

By the speed and accuracy of the fingerprint scanning sensor, it is rated as standard. You have to put your fingertips in place for a little while. To be able to scan and unlock

The back cover of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is a matte plastic. Feels good and doesn’t slip in the hand, the clean design is simple. The color, I must say, is definitely a hit for many people.In this review, it is a pastel purple, Awesome Violet, which has a hint of lilac-like hue, and it is available in Awesome Black and white. (Awesome White) and Awesome Blue colors to choose from.

On the rear camera panel, there are 4 lenses + 1 LED flash according to the position as shown in the picture above. Each lens will be flat on the surface of the camera module that is slightly raised from the back cover, which Samsung uses the name as Super AI Camera Pro +, that is, there is an AI system to help process photos. To get a beautiful picture according to each situation Which we will go into details in the review section of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G camera again.

The top side of the device There will be a SIM tray. And the audio input of the top mic With the SIM tray is a hybrid type, you can insert 2 SIMs (both Nano SIMs) or can be inserted as a SIM + microSD as well.For 5G usage, which SIM slot will be used? Ok The other SIM will be automatically adjusted to the maximum 4G LTE level, and VoLTE usage, you can use both SIMs on standby at the same time. For clear sound throughout the conversation.

The A52 5G’s stereo speakers are equipped with Dolby Atmos for a deep, deep sound Can separate the position and direction of the sound quite clearly. Different from the usual stereo speakers, touchable Especially when watching videos. Or movies with Dolby Atmos sound system included

As for the sound line from the speaker, the device is in accordance with the smartphone standard. Is providing a clear middle sound Followed by a high-pitched group As for the bass tone, it will be a little thin. According to mobile design limitations Therefore, if you want a more powerful sound Including if you want to use it in editing to create content Then use headphones as well Which can be used both wired and wireless so it is super convenient.

For the Adaptive Fast Charging adapter that comes in the box, it supports a maximum power supply of 15W (9V 1.67A), which is good for charging the 4500 mAh battery of the device as well. As far as testing with the meter, it is found that in Fast Charge mode, the power receiver from the adapter in the box can reach a maximum of 12W if you want to charge as fast as possible. Need to buy an adapter that can supply more than 25W to use.


The important thing for creating content from mobile phones in this era is a quality camera, which A52 5G is good for its price. For example, the rear camera has 4 lenses that support both normal angle, wide angle and macro depth photography. It can also be taken after dissolving. For use in portraits Or easily shoot a subject that would like to emphasize the outstanding character of the subject.

In addition to the camera hardware that we can see outside There is also an OIS shake compensation system built into it for use with normal wide-angle lenses. Integrate with the Super Steady system that is a software-side operation. Make photography And the video is going smoothly. Get a sharper, less flicker-free image, and also improves low-light photography. Because the system can keep the shutter open for up to 4 times longer than before.

Camera mode is quite a variety of Samsung mobile phone style, such as AR Doodle mode that users can draw lines. Draw images to compose photos using the AR technology of the rear camera, including a food shooting mode. Night mode, Super Slow-Mo mode, and Hyperlapse mode are available to easily create desired content from a single mobile device.

Best Shot + Scene Optimizer

Galaxy A52 5G’s AI system will help make photos look even more beautiful, mainly with the Best Shot function that guides the composition in real time. To get the best look Which as far as I tried to see Found that most of them do the job quite well as well, mainly, the system will focus on the object that is likely to be the main focus of the image in the center of the image most of the time.

Another function is Scene Optimizer, which has the system to process a preview of what scene is being captured and adjust the color tone of the image to suit the scene. Night photos, portraits, etc.

Anti-shake system Super Steady

The Super Steady function is a system to help compensate for shaking. For a more stable video Can be turned on / off from the top icon bar conveniently. With a small limitation Is when activated The video resolution that can be shot is only 1080p 30fps, which I tried to find 1080p 30fps is where the stabilization of the device works at its best. (Including the closing episode of Super Steady)

Pro mode for taking pictures / videos

For those who want to use Pro mode because they want to control various settings for their own shooting, there will be a Pro mode to choose from for both still photography and video shooting. Both types can be adjusted for ISO / shutter speed / exposure compensation. (EV) / Focus Distance / White balance and compensation such as contrast, highlight, shadow and color saturation. It can be said that it can be done as well as the top model mobile phones ever.

Single Take mode

This is the mode that Samsung began to include in its top-of-the-line S21 series that were released earlier this year. This is a mode that will make it easier to create photo and video content. It relies on storing multiple images / videos at the same time to shoot a single short video, whether it be a normal angle, wide angle, filtered image, and crop of various shots that are processed by the system. Results come out Resulting in a variety of pictures Ready to use in a wide variety of formats But, of course, it comes with an increased use of the file storage space. You may have to wait to delete some unused image / video files.

Fun mode

Fun mode is a new mode added. It will bring filters from Snapchat to be used to beautify your face. It is similar to the filters in IG that many people are familiar with. But this one is more convenient, it can be enabled from within the camera app of the device. Can be used for both rear camera and front camera. As well as being able to load other filters to use more as well How to use is very easy. Just move the camera to Fun mode and select the desired filter. If the system detects a face in the image Will immediately put a filter As far as you try to use Found that a maximum of 2 filters can be applied per image.

My Filters function

Another interesting addition to the function is My filters, which allows the user to easily create a tint filter of the desired image / video by using the built-in images to create it. Favorite color tone filter Suitable for people who want to control the image tone to the same color tone. Which I think it helps to reduce the time of composing a lot as well. It’s hidden in a button in the top-right corner of the camera app. (It is shaped like a wand)

Which is very easy to create filters. Just press the + button on the far left side of the filter selection bar. Then select the image you want to extract the color tone to use and press Save filter, just that and done. When you use it, slide the filter bar to select the tone you want to use. Then press to take a photo or video immediately

Performance and Battery

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G uses the Snapdragon 750G chip, which is designed as a mid-range chip. Provides good performance for general use. And the use of graphics that can be used to play games with the 8 GB RAM, it is very easy to switch apps back and forth The operating system in the device is Android 11 with the latest version of One UI 3.1, which Samsung has also announced that it will continue to update it for at least 3 years from the year of its release. So you can be confident. That it can be used for a long time

128 GB of local storage When first opened, there will be approximately 104 GB left for use. Supports adding a MicroSD up to 1 TB with a video cable.

As for the 4500 mAh battery, it can be used all day until over a day as well. 5G standby all day is not a problem. Also supports fast charging

Test the strength of the Galaxy A52 5G with the AnTuTu app with almost 290,000 points and GeekBench received the score as in the picture above. Classified as a mid-range mobile phone in the normal price range of ten thousand Suitable for general work, has good fluidity.

For playing games, there will be a Game Launcher to help optimize the device for playing games as well. It can also be used as a hub for games installed in the device. And as a tool to keep playing statistics separately This is another function that should be pleasing to the game player as well.

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