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iPhone 12 mini Smartphone : Powerful Mini Smartphone for Iphone Lovers

This is the first year that Apple has released a top-of-the-line iPhone model along with other models, the iPhone 12 mini. The top specification is not lost to the main model. And can connect to 5G.In this iPhone 12 mini review article, we will look at the changes, highlights, interesting features And then come together to process it again that it will be worth or not.


One point where Apple decided to turn the world this time was to discontinue the free charging adapter for all iPhone models going back to the previous models that were new lots. Resulting in the size of the box thinner than before As in the picture above, I compared the iPhone 12 mini case against the iPhone 11 body, and it can be seen that it is really slim for those who have used it. Or have seen the iPhone box before, or if compared with the iPhone 11 box, I can say that it is half and half thinner.

After turning on the power for the first time And all settings have been managed successfully For the first lot of devices that come with iOS 14, there will be an update of the network connection (Carrier update) once to version 45.1, which after the update. When in an area covered by the signal Including the activation and application of the 5G package with the network already The device will immediately catch the 5G signal.

Coming back to the device, the iPhone 12 mini feels very close to the iPhone SE 2 in terms of size and weight. But the highlight that is clearer is that the screen of this device is more full. As for the actual size compared to the SE 2, you’ll find that the mini has a slightly smaller body.

This year is also the first year that Apple is introducing an OLED display to regular non-Pro iPhones, resulting in better contrast images of the iPhone 12 mini’s display than the iPhone 11 I used. are The part that is black is actually black. But in terms of the freshness of color This one is still a little lost than the Pro version, if you don’t really look at it, you won’t be able to distinguish it as well.

The screen glass has also been changed from Gorilla Glass to Ceramic Shield instead, which Apple says is a stronger glass. 4 times better resistance to falls

For anyone who is a movie buff, Netflix would have liked it even more because all sub-models of the iPhone 12 support 1080p HDR display. Unlike the previous model, only the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are capable of displaying the highest picture level. The iPhone 11 will get 720p HDR only.

The back cover of the 12 mini is still used as a mirror. To enable wireless charging of the battery All the side edges are used in aluminum according to the color of the machine. I must say that the edges are quite sharp as well, but in the mini it seems a little bit less sharp than the Pro models.

The back is the same shape as the iPhone 11, there are two rear cameras in the upper left corner. Along with a microphone, LED flash in the middle, there is a silver Apple logo in addition to that, there is nothing like a clean cable.

The color tone of the blue. I must say that the actual device will have a brighter tone than the web Especially if used outdoors. It will be a brighter blue tone. Different from the picture on the web that looks more navy.

On the top of the device there is only a tick of the antenna bar. The bottom section is also there. But there will be a microphone input, speaker box, and a Lightning port.As always, anyone who hopes to use the iPhone to use USB-C will have to wait.

The left side of the device has a switch on / off the vibrating mode. Then it’s the volume up / down button. Next down is a single SIM card tray. If you want to use 2 SIMs, you have to add another eSIM SIM, but for now there will still be a problem, if using 2 SIMs in such a way.

MagSafe case

Introduced with the iPhone 12, the MagSafe line of MagSafe technology in the MacBook is dusted off again. To create a charging device that is attached to the device by magnetic suction. Which is featured in safety, such as during charging If you accidentally jerk the charging cable The machine will not be pulled along the cable, etc.

The external surface is a soft-touch silicone that is very soft. Catch it and feel good. The frame of the case is quite hard and thick. Inside is velvet fabric With the MagSafe operating ring in the middle.

When they are paired together The machine is slightly thick. It has a thickness that can perfectly protect the camera after scratching to the level surface. You can touch the edge of the screen without problems.

Another special gimmick of the MagSafe case is that it is completely installed on the machine. If the screen is off On the screen, a ring will appear, indicating that the iPhone has been successfully connected to the MagSafe device, in this case the case.


According to the specification page of the iPhone 12 mini, if talking about the number of cameras, I must say that it is the same. It has a wide lens as a 12MP main camera and an ultra wide lens as a 12MP auxiliary camera, but actually inside there is a point of improvement from the original. The most obvious thing is that around this time the device can now be used for low-light shooting with ultra-wide lenses. Which is blocking the weaknesses that existed in the previous version That when taken with an ultra-wide lens The image is darker than usual.

In addition, the HDR system has been improved even when shooting against bright sunlight. As for the subject of video shooting, it is likely that people work in the production line again, because all sub-models of the iPhone 12 become the first mobile phone that can edit 4K 30fps HDR video with Dolby Vision, which is a feature that can store colors Up to the 10 bit range, which has a much wider range than before, usually only possible at 8 bit.

Connect with the ultra-wide lens for shooting in low light. From being able to use night mode Makes pictures taken from 12 mini look brighter than before. It also has better clarity of details. Observed from the carpet, the pattern is much more obvious. And the picture does not look curved or swollen as well.

Processor and Gaming Performance

One of the technologies that Apple has been pushing from time to time is AR built into the iPhone and iPad itself, which we will see more and more in the category of apps, most of which are convenience apps, such as: Apps that measure objects, measure distances, to a group of apps for displaying simulated objects on real-world locations, such as art display apps. such as a split image showing the mechanism of a doorknob Image of the mechanism of the jet engine. To a simulated picture of the solar system Which can be used as teaching materials at all Because users can zoom in and out And respond to the simulation to show how different objects work

The next image is a screen for the [AR] T Museum app that allows users to display replicas of art in places around them. You can also see the information of each sub image. Suitable for people who want to experience a feeling similar to walking through the museum’s art. Both of these sample apps can be downloaded from the App Store for free, and there are many more AR apps to try. My regular use is the Measure app built into the iPhone, where it uses AR technology to measure objects, measure distances in real locations. Suitable for measuring area Measure the size of the furniture before you buy it. Which the accuracy is considered very good Discrepancy only a few centimeters.

For performance The fluidity of AR applications that iPhone 12 mini is highly responsive. No spasm to be seen at all Will only be attached to a small screen

Gaming is another thing the iPhone 12 mini handles very well. With the strength of the A14 Bionic chip, you do not have to worry about the current game. Because most games in the App Store are already optimized for the iPhone. The size of the older model is still slippery. A graphics-heavy game like Genshin Impact is very comfortable, and if you play for a long time, the center of the device will get hot enough. It is suggested that if you wear a case, it will help prevent heat from reaching your hands. But more worrisome is the battery. Because the battery in that machine is a little too small Probably not suitable for playing games for a long time.

iPhone 12 mini The device tested comes with iOS 14, shortly after inserting the first SIM, there will be a Carrier update for enabling 5G , while the storage space from the supplied 256 GB will be left. Actual use no less than 240 GB

One of the features added to all iPhone 12 models is 5 GHz hotspot sharing, which is referred to by Apple as the mode Maximize Compatibility. Which if disabled as in the picture The device will share a WiFi signal with a 5 GHz band, but if turned on, it will share 2.4 GHz, which all WiFi devices can connect to. It’s better to turn off this mode. For faster connection speeds than WiFi 2.4 GHz

As for the receiving of WiFi of the device itself, of course, all iPhone 12 models come with WiFi 6 (802.11ax) like in the iPhone 11, unfortunately, it is also VHT / HE80, so the speed will be in Only 1000 Mbps range, unlike top mobile phones, for example, from the Huawei side that provided the level of VHT / HE160 that will perform a higher speed. But, of course, the Wireless AP / Router / Internet package must also support it.

As for the strength from the performance testing app, the A14 Bionic chip is still as high as usual in the app Geekbench found that the single core test scores are higher than the A13 chip in the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Over 200 scores, multi core scores are higher than A13 as well, but considerably less than A12X Bionic in iPad Pro 11 1⁄2.

If speaking in terms of general use Of course, the fluidity is not a problem for the current iPhone models. Interestingly, the battery usage can still be maintained at the same level as well.


Coming to the issue that many of you might be most interested in, how long will the iPhone 12 mini battery last? Because the size of the larger models still have to admit that they do not perform very well when using 5G at the moment Which I have already tested If using 5G On mode, that is, the device catches and uses 5G all the time, starting to disconnect the charger at 6:47 am, at noon half the battery is left 24%. During that time, it is almost always active, playing Facebook, Twitter, Line, opening some web pages, listening to music via AirPods Pro, and periodically testing the Internet speed from the Speedtest app, which is likely to be equivalent to playing games as well. In conclusion, if using 5G all the time like this, the iPhone 12 mini may not be able to use for one day.

As for charging, I must say that it is very fast. With both the device specification that supports up to 20W and the built-in battery at a capacity of only 2000 mAh, I tried charging it with a USB-PD powerbank starting at 12:32 at 24%, until 13: 47 hours, the battery is increased to 98% and calculated is 75 minutes, can charge 74%, drop 1% per minute.

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