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Corsair Sabre RGB Pro : Powerful and Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Corsair brings a new high-end gaming mouse. This should convince with an 18,000 DPI sensor, a low weight and a polling rate of 8000Hz.This makes the SABER Pro part of Corsair’s CHAMPION SERIES, which is aimed at esports professionals. Let’s see if the CORSAIR SABER (RGB) PRO is really as good as advertised.


The SABER (RGB) PRO is a high-end mouse that uses a classic wired connection. The SABER is a medium-sized to large mouse, but it is pleasantly light for its dimensions. Corsair advertises 74g, I was able to measure 73g, which is extremely light!

In addition, there is a really nice flexible cable, which makes the mouse feel almost wireless. The cable is neatly sheathed in textile, very flexible and “soft”, but looks valuable. This combination of very low weight and super flexible cable reminds me a bit of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D, which I really liked there.

However, the SABER PRO is not a minimalist gaming mouse! We don’t have any exotic bonus features, but obviously no savings have been made either. We have 6 mouse buttons, a decent mouse wheel and extensive RGB lighting.

Buttons and mouse wheel

The SABER (RGB) PRO has the usual 6 mouse buttons.

  • Left and right mouse buttons
  • Pressable mouse wheel
  • DPI selection button (behind the mouse wheel)
  • Two thumb buttons

In contrast to 99% of all gaming mice from the major manufacturers, the SABER has no Omron buttons or Corsair does not advertise them. Instead, Corsair uses “QUICKSTRIKE buttons”.

QUICKSTRIKE buttons? Corsair advertises that there is no gap between the plastic shell and the actual button and that pressing the mouse button triggers the button directly.

Yes, the mouse buttons are very responsive and there is only a very small “stroke”, which is positive here. However, the difference to most good mice isn’t huge either.

Although Corsair advertises QUICKSTRIKE buttons, the mouse buttons have a little bit of play on the sides. Apparently these are not overly anchored in the case. This won’t be a problem in practice, but I suspect Corsair has saved a bit of material for the low weight.

Basically, the click feeling is very pleasant. The mouse buttons are above average smooth. Whether this is an advantage for you or not is a matter of taste.

The mouse wheel is also comparatively smooth! Again, this is a matter of taste, but I like it very much because scrolling through long websites and tables is so much more pleasant. The individual gradations are clearly noticeable, but not quite as clear as with other models.


Corsair relies on the PixArt PMW3392 sensor for the SABER PRO. The PixArt PMW3392 is an absolute high-end sensor, which according to the technical data is currently hard to beat!

The PMW3392 is currently Corsair exclusive. Only Razer’s PMW3399 may be a bit better on paper. However, we are technically at such a high level here that the sensors hardly make any difference here.

Corsair also uses an 8000Hz polling rate for the SABER PRO. Usually gaming mice have a polling rate of 1000Hz. That means 1000 times per second the mouse informs your PC about the current location, whether a key has been pressed etc.

The SABER PRO has an 8000Hz polling rate, so the location of the mouse is updated every 0.125 ms. Does this help a lot in practice? No, it is certainly “nice to have”, but you will not feel any subjective difference to a mouse with 1000Hz.

The sensor used by Corsair in combination with the 8000Hz polling rate makes the mouse appear extremely responsive. The low weight also contributes to this. The low weight allows you to accelerate the mouse a little faster. The difference is of course absolutely minimal, but in practice it can certainly help to get one more kill.

The SABER PRO is a really big mouse, but it is very comfortable to hold. In my opinion, this is primarily suitable for the “Palm Grip” or the “Fingertip Grip”. The mouse is less suitable for the Claw Grip.

Basically, I would rate the shape and feel of the mouse as almost perfect! However, I noticed one negative point. The mouse feet of the SABER PRO are very thin! The housing of the mouse can sometimes drag a little on a cloth mouse pad. Especially when you lift the mouse at a slight angle. Apart from that, the SABER PRO is great in practice!


The SABER (RGB) PRO is Corsair’s best gaming mouse!

The combination of an outstanding sensor, 8000Hz polling rate and extra light design is simply appealing. The mouse feels very responsive and thanks to its low weight, it is very easy to make quick movements with the mouse. In addition, the SABER PRO has an almost “cordless” feel to it, which is due to the low weight and the very flexible cable.

The marketing around the 8000Hz polling rate is a bit exaggerated, it hardly brings anything in practice, but the SABER PRO is a pointed mouse that will please even the absolute pro gamers.

I was a bit surprised by the larger design, which is of course a matter of taste. I also like the somewhat simpler design very much. The surface looks durable, which is not entirely unimportant with a mouse.

The only real point of criticism I have are the too flat sliding feet! The mouse housing can sit on a mouse pad, which feels a bit uncomfortable, especially since the housing is not well rounded on the sides. But this is also my only point of criticism! Apart from that, the SABER (RGB) PRO is clearly the best mouse that Corsair has produced so far.

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