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Motorola Razr 5G Stylish Foldable Smartphone

Review of Motorola razr 5G, a clamshell phone in the 5G era that still maintains the identity of the folding Moto as usual. It can be said that it is a success story from the past. Anyone who wants something new In a classic design Certify that this model Did not disappoint Because although the design is classic in clamshell style, but the specification and use meet the 5G era very well.


Motorola razr 5G is designed to be the same as the classic Moto razr, that is, it is a folding cover and then unfolded when you want to use it. It is folded in half. There are two screens, a pOLED screen size 6.2 inches, resolution 2142 x 876 pixels, aspect ratio 21: 9 pOLED screen is made of plastic material. To be able to fold The outside screen of gOLED is 2.7 inches with resolution 800 x 600 pixels, aspect ratio 4: 3, mainly used for reading notifications.

The body material Motorola razr 5G is metal (stainless steel with aluminum) and high-quality glass (Gorilla Glass 5).the device size is considered compact, easy to carry, can be used with one hand, comfortable Whether it is in the fold Or when spreading the screen.

Motorola razr 5G specifications start from the moment the device is folded. 2.7 inch gOLED external interactive screen, SD resolution, as I said. That is a screen for notifications, read messages, but also supports touch screens. Including being used as a shortcut to the application Use it to control Spotify music or use it for navigation. Including reply to messages by typing Or you can use your voice to speak the text as well.

Another advantage of the 2.7 inch gOLED interactive screen on the outside is that. Used as a screen for taking selfies. Since this model has a 48MP camera that can function both as a rear camera and a front camera, so for selfies, it uses a 48MP camera with a gOLED screen to preview photos.

Various buttons while folding the screen work the same way as when the screen is opened, there is a Power button on the left and a volume button on the right. By the volume buttons Will automatically adjust the type of pressing Between folding the screen and spreading the screen

The back area. Will be a fingerprint scanning sensor With the symbol Motorola Personally, I have used the Motorola razr 5G review device, feel that the position of the fingerprint sensor It is mainly designed for scanning when the screen is folded. Because it is more convenient to place your fingers If you scan your finger while the device is unfolded Will not be very good at hand But if you scan your finger when folding the screen Then unfold the engine Will continue to work normally Do not unlock the device repeatedly.

Although the Motorola razr 5G, while the screen is folded It will be very compact. About half of normal smartphones But in terms of thickness Has a certain thickness as well.

When the Motorola razr 5G is unfolded, the 6.2-inch pOLED screen has a screen aspect ratio of 21: 9.I was especially impressed by the clamshell mechanism of this model. I will say that I am the most impressed among flip-flop smartphones that I have ever experienced. Because of the screen of this model When unfolded If you look with the naked eye I can hardly see the folds. Unless it touches the folded area But it doesn’t have much effect on usability.

The folding mechanism of the Motorola razr 5G when it folds. Or unfold the machine, the pOLED screen will move in the mechanism. To make folding as smooth as possible. Almost no different from when using the flip phone in the past, but in folding or spreading the screen is a single stroke. Can’t just spread half like Galaxy Z Flip.

For pOLED screen 6.2 inch, touch screen The display is close to a glass screen to some extent. Personally, I am just addicted to the screen reflecting it a bit easier. With the screen aspect ratio of 21: 9 when using the new Motorola razr 5G review, still not very familiar. But the screen aspect ratio like this When opening new movie files will fill the screen with no border on the bottom And of course, if you watch Youtube or old movies that are 16: 9, there will be a lot of left and right black edges.

Overall, for the Motorola razr 5G in terms of the design of the device, I think Motorola has a clear approach to this model. Is to bring the legendary razr mobile flip version classic Return to the 5G era with a design reminiscent of the past. Functionality that is a flip phone than the Galaxy Z Flip, including a hinge mechanism that is unfolded and smooth The screen crease is not visible. But there are also observations about the fingerprint scanning sensor on the back. That when unfolded the device is quite difficult to use The position of the finger placement is a bit strange, and the device that I find is quite slippery. Especially when folding the device When using it, extra caution may be required.


Motorola razr 5G comes with an Android operating system, covered with My UX, which can be called almost Pure Android like the Google Pixel, both in appearance and in use. With some features that have been added specially for Motorola phones like special gestures In use, shake the device to turn on the flashlight. Or turn your wrist to turn on the camera, etc.


Motorola razr 5G has only 1 camera, 48 megapixel resolution, which can be both a front camera. And a rear camera in one No matter what you take By taking a selfie Will be a selfie while the screen is folded, then the 48 megapixel camera will act as the front camera The advantage is that you get photos of the same quality as being taken for other people. And taking selfies by myself But there are limitations as well If you want to use the main camera for selfies.

Problems encountered while folding the screen and using the 48 megapixel camera for selfies Together with the gOLED interactive screen is all about taking a selfie perspective. That will be narrower than normal smartphone front cameras But compensates for the quality of the photos That is better than normal front camera as well And also another remark in folding the selfie screen, for me, I am not very good at it.

The front camera is actually in the screen mode. It has a resolution of 20 million pixels, it is in the standard. Not outstanding in features Or a strange function, there is a basic mode like HDR and supports video recording at a maximum resolution of Full HD / 60fps.

Come back to the rear camera of the Motorola razr 5G in use as a 48 megapixel rear camera. The first thing that is the limitation of this model is At a price of over forty thousand baht There is only one rear camera, no wide-angle lens, ultra wide-angle, or other long-range lenses. This is the first point that is disadvantageous to normal flagship smartphones. For the same price range.

Next observation I think the rear camera of this model There are even more shooting modes than the front camera. But if compared with other models Is still considered to have less features And in the use of the Motorola razr 5G focus system will focus accurately. And quickly in normal light But when shooting at night Or in low light, the speed of focusing accuracy is significantly reduced, even with laser autofocus.


For various processing with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G + 8GB RAM chipset, there is nothing to worry about. Such chipsets are classified as “second best”, so with the power available in the Motorola razr 5G, it is powerful enough to do a lot of things. Whether it is general use, playing social media, working using open documents Easily edit documents or even play games. If you have enough effort

it must be said that it takes some effort to play the game. This does not mean that the Motorola razr 5G cannot play games. With the specification, it can play almost any game. But the problem is with regard to the screen response. Including a plastic pOLED screen Touch in the touch of the screen, it will be a little weird and about the crease. That even though I can’t see But if touched to that point Will feel that it is a scratch anyway


As for the battery with a capacity of 2,800 mAh, which is considered very little. In addition, the device supports 5G connection, which is known for its super-draining battery. At first I was worried that it had to be charged. Did you use it? But when it was actually in use, the battery of the Motorola razr 5G performed better than expected It can be used all day comfortably without having to carry a spare battery or a power bank to recharge during the day.

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