OPPO A93 Review : Low Budget Smartphone with 6 Cameras and Fast charging Feature

Let every rhythm of life have fun with OPPO A93, the smartphone that comes with the slogan “Enjoy every moment” with a super slim design Light weight, easy to carry Supports features that respond to a complete range of functions from general use.


OPPO A93 pays special attention to the design. It is built in a slim form of only 7.48 mm for easy and convenient portability in a suitcase. It does not feel uncomfortable and the clothes on the smartphone are not visible or are not clearly visible. It also weighs only 164 grams, making it easier to carry. Whether in carrying or storing in a bag.

To make the OPPO A93 a slim and light design, OPPO has to focus on the interior design. By customizing the circuit board, battery and all components. It is the perfect size for mounting into ultra-thin smartphones.

An eye-catching exterior design with a Shiny Matte surface that gives a premium feel. By using a new coating technique Increased depth from 250 nm to 400 nm, creating a more perfect reflector effect. But also to comfort the eyes and make the skin feel soft.

In addition to being thin, the OPPO A93 also features 220-degree rounded edges and is the first in the smartphone industry. With the introduction of high-gloss technique To refract the light around the top of the rounded edge Makes the overall design look more slim Helps to hold comfortably and comfortably in your hand.

In addition to being thin, the OPPO A93 also features 220-degree rounded edges and is the first in the smartphone industry. With the introduction of high-gloss technique To refract the light around the top of the rounded edge Makes the overall design look more slim Helps to hold comfortably and comfortably in your hand.


OPPO A93 also uses the same high-definition display as flagship smartphones with a 6.43-inch 2400 x 1080 pixel Super AMOLED display with a pixel density of 409 pixels per inch. 800 nits max brightness, dynamic contrast ratio 5,000,000: 1, aspect ratio 20: 9.

The display of the OPPO A93 uses a Mini Dual Punch Hole Display design, with a small hole punch of only 3.7 millimeters for placing a small dual camera. It has 90.7% of the usable area on the screen.

Under the display is also installed a fingerprint sensor, In-Display Fingerprint Unlock 3.0, able to quickly unlock the screen in just 0.3 seconds..

In addition to beautiful, sharp colors, the OPPO A93 display is also eye-safe. Certified by TUV Rheinland for anti-blue light and Corning Gorilla Glass 3+ protection.

OPPO A93 has a slim edge of only 7.48 mm, offering a 220 degree curvature and comes with a power button. Installed on the left side of the screen.Volume knob Installed separately on the other side Under the tray for a SIM card with 3 slots, supports 2 SIM cards, Nano-SIM and can also insert another MicroSD card.Supports a maximum capacity of 512GB.

Rear Camera

The four rear cameras are arranged in a symmetrical 2 x 2 grid pattern, placed in a rounded square rectangular frame, and an LED flash is placed outside the frame.

Main camera 48 million pixels, aperture f / 1.8, sensor size 1/2 ”
Rear camera of the rear camera Ultra-wide, 119 degree wide angle, 8 megapixel resolution, f / 2.2 aperture, sensor size 1/4 ”
Mono camera, 2 megapixel resolution, aperture f / 2.4, sensor size 1.5 ”
Another Mono camera uses the same specification.

OPPO A93 rear camera can shoot at any distance, but the lens Ultra-wide, 1x, 2x, 5x and up to 10x digital.

OPPO A93 supports AI Color Portrait mode, can dye the background in black and white. But still a color image for the person And not only one person but supports up to 3 people in one picture .

Another equally interesting feature It is the AI ​​Night Flare Portrait mode for taking portraits at night. Can adjust the skin tone of a person to look good. While adding a Bokeh effect to beautifully melt the background .

For portrait photography in normal lighting conditions, OPPO A93 has the AI ​​Super Clear Portrait feature, using OPPO’s exclusive deep learning technology to enhance the details on the page to be more complete. After taking a picture that may find blur at some point, AI will help correct it.

OPPO A93 can also shoot video in 4K with Ultra Steady image stabilization, just like the front camera. There is a video mode with a clear front after blur, but cannot be activated at the same time as the front camera. But with all the features that are available, the OPPO A93 camera has the same level of features as the expensive model.


OPPO A93 uses a MediaTek Helio P95 processor, comprised of an 8-core CPU (2 cores, Arm Cortex-A75 @ 2.2GHz + 6 cores, Arm Cortex-A55 @ 2.0GHz performance) with IMG PowerVR GM 9446 GPU. The game was quite satisfying.

OPPO A93 comes with 8GB RAM memory, 128GB ROM and supports MicroSD card up to 512GB. It also has Anti-Lag Technology, an algorithm that helps detect errors in the memory to clear data.

Reduce the problem of freezing or stumbling during use. And also makes reading and writing data in the file system It is faster and more efficient. Can reduce the delay by 54% compared to the OPPO A92.

From the test of playing popular games, including PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile or Asphalt 9, it can play smoothly. But the graphics will show a moderate level. But especially interesting is the ROV game that can play games smoothly up to 62FPS ever, although there are some drops, but not lower than 59FPS, it is quite impressive. With new chipsets from MediaTek.

Front Camera

OPPO A93 has a dual front camera installed in a hole on the screen Mini Dual Punch Hole Display comes with a 16 megapixel main camera, f / 2.4 aperture, 1/3 “sensor size, paired with a 2 megapixel depth camera. F / 2.4 light, sensor size 1/5 ”

OPPO A93 supports outstanding selfies in Portrait mode, as it comes with a Depth Camera that can accurately capture depth of field. And create a bokeh effect that silently melts the background.

AI Beauty 2.0 mode can take beautiful and smarter faces, which AI will help detect makeup styles. To provide effects for users to further customize And also has intelligent software that allows the front camera to take portraits of multiple faces Suitable for taking selfies with friends. It can accurately detach people from their background. Either the hair or the earrings that are worn.

Low light is not a problem, OPPO A93 supports AI Super Night Portrait for taking portraits at night, even in areas with little street lighting. Using AI technology, working with HDR, captures multiple frames in different exposure levels. To combine into a single image, the best And also uses a face recognition system to help increase the clarity of the face To stand out from the background.

Front camera video shooting can be considered that the OPPO A93 is made very well. Because you can use 2 features at the same time That is, turning on the Ultra Steady image stabilization system with a clear, blurry front-facing video. When using these 2 features at the same time, the resulting video is very professional-grade, suitable for making Vlog or Live very much.


OPPO A93 runs on the Android 10 operating system, covered with ColorOS 7.2, which has been designed with a simple user interface. The icons have been revised to have thinner lines. And allow smartphone owners to customize the shape of their icons. Including the arrangement of app icons on the Home screen

ColorOS 7.2 comes with beautiful wallpapers. From world-class artists That creates images based on various themes, whether it be Purity, Nature, Geometry, Culture, Life, or the Future.

ColorOS 7.2 has a multi-user mode. No worries when you have children Or other members Inside the house to borrow OPPO A93 to play, because it can create 5 independent usage areas and can set limits for accessing various information at different levels to protect the password. And keep privacy.

ColorOS 7.2 comes with an improved Dark Mode. In addition to improving the comfort of the eyes when used at night. It also contributes to battery saving as well. And users can also set the time to turn on or off Dark Mode.

OPPO A93 supports OPPO Screen Image Engine (OSIE) technology to increase color saturation and adjust video contrast. It makes the video being viewed more sharp.

ColorOS 7.2 includes a Quick Return Bubble feature that minimizes the running application or game into a small window frame. To be able to tap and return to use immediately, support PUBG Mobile and ROV games while waiting to play games on the plane. Or waiting for the resurrection ground.

OPPO A93 supports HDCP feature or copyright HD video content protection. Making it possible to send images from smartphones to a large screen Whether it’s the video watched on the Netflix HD service or Amazon Prime Video.

In addition, OPPO A93 supports the Air Gestures feature, able to answer calls without touching the smartphone. Because during that time the hands were dirty or wet. You can use the method of waving your hand in the air 20-50 centimeters above the screen to answer the call immediately.


OPPO A93 receives a 4,000mAh battery, supports 18W fast charging, comes with an 18W Power Adapter (9V, 2A) battery charger in the box. It only takes 5 minutes to charge, it can use up to 2 hours of talk time or watch YouTube videos for a long time. 1 hour or 1 hour of use of the Instagram app

OPPO A93 also has AI Night Charging technology for charging the battery at night. While the user sleeps By relying on the user behavior learning system Helps the smartphone to charge properly and safely by gradually charging the battery to 80%, then charging to 100% capacity in 90 minutes before the user wakes up in the morning. Which can help extend the service life of the battery.

In addition, OPPO A93 has a Super Power Saving mode to help extend the service life even longer. When turned on, the smartphone goes into a mode called Late Night Emergency Power, switches the display to black and white, and shows only 6 pre-set applications. So that the smart phone can still be used for a long time Even with only 5% battery level left.

Final Words

OPPO A93 is considered the best smartphone in OPPO’s A series, packed with technology. Ready for users to have fun with taking beautiful pictures See entertainment on a large display in clarity. Play the game smoothly. Long battery life Supports 18W fast charging via USB Type-C port on a slim design. Beautiful, premium Make it stand out when you hold it in your hand.

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