LG Launched DualCool AC with UVnano Technology and more features

LG Electronics launched The new dual-cool air conditioner (DUALCOOL) is powered by dual inverter system (Dual Inverter) that comes with the latest technology, UVnano, eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses up to 99.99% and removes dust particles as small as 2.5 microns ( PM2.5) as well as special features Connect to the LG ThinQ TM Application to control the air conditioner on-off anytime, anywhere.

What is UVnano?

As the situation of the recent epidemic has resulted in new lifestyle trends, consumers have shifted their behavior to spend more time at home. work And want to develop innovative home air conditioners to meet new lifestyles.

It is the source of UVnano technology that uses UV LED in LG air conditioners. Bacteria can be removed up to 99.99% in 4 hours by UVC ultraviolet light, a short wavelength light. And has the most energy In general, this UVC technology is widely used in hospitals. To sterilize such as SARS (SARS), MERS disease (MERS) and can also eliminate the COVID-19 virus (COVID-19) as well.

this UVnano technology is also guaranteed by the quality test with TÜV Rheinland institute supporting the quality that UV light can actually kill 99.99% of bacteria and confirm that this UV light is definitely not harmful to the body.

UV technology is also integrated with the Ultra Fine Dust System, a 5 million negative ion emission system designed to trap PM1.0 particles (smaller than PM2.5) and remove dust. Up to 99.9% coverage up to 29 square meters.

Not only that, but Plasmaster Ionizer + reduces the danger of microscopic particles in the air. Over 3 million ions will merge with the air entering the air conditioner. And destroying those harmful particles To eliminate bacteria and odors completely.

What is the LG ThinQ TM app ?

LG not only developed air conditioning systems for health. But also improving the functionality that can be accessed more easily by using the LG ThinQ TM application, the smartphone air conditioner driver via Wi-Fi makes it easy to control various functions can be operated as well. Thai voice And can check the status of the air conditioner Without using a remote control.

It also offers Smart Diagnosis that can verify settings, installations, and troubleshooting via a smartphone. To address any suspicions after the occurrence of an air conditioner malfunction It helps in accessing information easily. And service can solve problems correctly and quickly While also extending the use of the product as well

LG sends DUALCOOL air conditioners line-up

To meet all needs, LG carries an army of air conditioners covering all segments. Starting from 9,000 – 30,000 BTU product sizes including a wide range of features to facilitate different lifestyles, in addition to the IPQ and IVQ dual-cool models with UVnano technology, there are also lines. The latest update consists of 4 models:

The IH model stands out for its excellent energy saving properties. With energy-saving features, No. 5, 3-star, it comes with Plasmaster Ionizer + that eliminates germs up to 99%, suitable for consumers who care about their health. And the cost of energy use

The IW model combines design with elegant design. With mirror And a black body with value for energy saving No. 5, 2-star level with Plasmaster Ionizer + that helps eliminate germs. Answer both functional needs with health features And beauty with a unique design.

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