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Lenovo YOGA Duet 7i Laptop For Every Workspace

This era will carry a laptop to work outside the home. The first thing that young women like us have to look at is The matter of ease of portability and responsiveness to work completely, right? Today I will introduce the Lenovo YOGA Duet 7i, a laptop that looks like a tablet. But this ability is guaranteed to be much more intense.


The first thing women like us look for Probably not out of the matter of beauty and portability, right? With the appearance of this Lenovo YOGA Duet 7i, May saw it and felt a sense of luxury with a good-looking design by the material is aluminum and magnesium alloy. It is very strong and durable.

The Kick Stand at the back is designed to be able to unfold as much as this. Considered to be very suitable for drawing The keyboard is made of plastic. With the back cover lined with fabric Which comes in conjunction with the YOGA Duet 7i, this is designed to be used as a direct connection. Or can be used as a Bluetooth Keyboard.

Connection port

Let’s look at the sides of the device. Starting from the left The first port that is closed, this is a port for inserting a microSD card, then a port for headphones or a microphone, and the bottom 2 ports are USB-C, a Power Delivery type and a Display Port that can charge both. Channel

On the right side, starting from the top is the power button. Next is the volume up button. And finally, another USB-C port.


Saw a Laptop of some size Many people are probably already wondering how light it is. So let’s try to weigh each other better. Starting from the Laptop empty first. The device weighs 1.16 kg. If you weigh with the keyboard It is slightly heavier. Overall, it is considered light, thin, and very easy to carry.


In terms of specifications, the Lenovo YOGA Duet 7i is divided into 2 main models:

  1. Core i7 CPU model
  2. CPU Core i5

Which is the one that May holds here, the CPU used is the latest Intel Gen 10th, well-designed, with an AI system that helps to control power, allowing it to be used for almost 10 hours per One full charge can choose Ram capacity up to 16 GB and SSD up to 1 TB. In terms of wireless connectivity, it is also the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi 6.

The first thing that May has tried and really likes is the safety of use.The Lenovo YOGA Duet 7i comes with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera that can be used to unlock the screen via Windows Hello.

Other Features

what is more advanced is We don’t have to press open the screen to unlock it. Just face the camera The screen is turned on. Called it very convenient anyway.

Lenovo YOGA Duet 7i, we can use both a touch screen. Or can type through the keyboard at the same time May could feel that It responds quickly and is very good.

The Lenovo YOGA Duet 7i is designed to support both functions as well. With a 13-inch 2K screen with a brightness of 500 nits, the display of various information is very clear, especially in the entertainment field. For example, watching movies, watching a series, is full of sound through Dolby® Audio speakers to create a full viewing experience.

And what cannot be said at all is The device will stop the video as soon as we get out of the Laptop. You don’t have to sit back and watch to waste your time. Good! After watching the movie for a while May also started to have an idea of ​​wanting to draw,.

The pen is named Lenovo E-Color Pen, which this pen besides we can use it to scribble and write on the computer. Also has a special ability to absorb the colors around us as well Makes when someone wants to draw something around them Just take this pen and poke it into it and press a button.

After using it for a while, if the battery of our pen starts to get low With the USB-C charger, you can easily charge it by simply detaching the end of the pen. And then use the same power adapter to charge it, it’s just that, it’s very convenient.

Final Words

The port that does not have a traditional USB-A, you have to find the Hub to add yourself.
The keyboard is not designed to be slightly tilted up according to ergonomics, sure enough.
It can be said that Lenovo YOGA Duet 7i is designed to suit May very well, whether it is light and easy to carry, either as a laptop or can be used as a tablet as well. Plus a stylish look that meets the needs of both work and entertainment.

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