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KATAR PRO XT Light Weight Mouse For playing Games

When it comes to gaming mice, there is currently a clear trend towards “small and light”. Especially newer manufacturers like Glorious PC Gaming Race or Xtrfy have made good ground here.

Corsair is now following suit with its new KATAR PRO XT and also offers a slightly more minimalistic and above all light mouse, which is nevertheless equipped with Corsair’s high-end 18000 DPI sensor. This is a great advantage because many of the competitors “only” use mid-range sensors. But how does it look in practice? Can the Corsair KATAR PRO XT convince here? Let’s find out in the review!


The KATAR PRO XT is a very minimalist gaming mouse. This consists of a simple black plastic housing. Corsair has even largely dispensed with RGB LEDs. RGB LEDs are only installed on the side of the scroll wheel, which show a color change effect or can be configured via Corsair’s iCUE. Of course, this has a significant impact on weight. Corsair advertises with 73g, I could measure 75.7g.

This clearly makes the Corsair KATAR PRO XT one of the lighter gaming mice, but not “the lightest” either. Visually, the KATAR PRO XT is very unspectacular, apart from the glowing mouse wheel. Corsair has (unfortunately) omitted the honeycomb look, for example the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D gaming mouse. Instead, we have a very simple plastic surface, which is a little roughened on the sides.

The KATAR PRO XT will be a very durable gaming mouse, because there is no rubber coating that could peel off or anything like that. Only the cable is comparatively thin, but nicely covered with fabric.

But the thin cable is important! There’s no point in having a super light mouse that hangs on a stiff cable. The cable of the KATAR PRO XT is very flexible.

As far as the general dimensions are concerned, the KATAR PRO XT is a relatively flat but wide mouse. So this is not slimmed down on this point. I would describe the size as “normal”.

Buttons and mouse wheel

The KATAR PRO XT has 6 mouse buttons. In addition to the usual primary mouse buttons and the pressable mouse wheel, we have two thumb buttons and a button behind the mouse wheel. The latter is primarily intended for quick adjustment of the DPI level.

All keys are easy to reach and have a nice pressure point. This also applies to the thumb buttons, which apparently also have good buttons. Corsair advertises the KATAR PRO XT with Omron switches with 50 million trips. The Omron 50M are absolutely tried and tested and good buttons that can also be found in most high-end models. I am therefore almost a bit (positively) surprised to find it in a mouse in this price range.

Basically, I would describe the click feeling as quite classic. The mouse clicks satisfactorily and clearly without causing excessive resonance from the case. Accordingly, the mouse is not particularly loud either.

In short, I am completely satisfied with the quality of the keys on the KATAR PRO XT.

However, a good mouse wheel is usually much more difficult to implement. The mouse wheel on the KATAR PRO XT is pleasantly well implemented. This has clear gradations, but they are not too tight either. This makes the mouse wheel suitable for long scrolling without excessive effort.

The bike could have a little more grip, but that’s a bit of a complaint on a high level. I like the mouse wheel! This keeps a good balance between “gaming” and “office” optimization.


Corsair relies on the PixArt PMW 3391 sensor for the KATAR PRO XT. This is also used with the Scimitar RGB Elite, the Ironclaw RGB or the Nightsword RGB.

The PixArt PMW 3391 offers up to 18000 dpi, a tracking speed of up to 10.16 m / s and an acceleration of up to 50g. This makes it one of the best sensors you can currently get.

As is usual with a gaming mouse, the polling rate is 1000Hz. I also checked this, the polling rate is 1000Hz.

Using Experience

The Corsair KATAR PRO XT is a really cheap mouse, but the tracking is on the level of the high-end models, if not even better.

The tracking of the mouse is incredibly precise and responsive. I couldn’t see any abnormalities or strange behavior. The mouse pointer sticks wonderfully to the movements. But this is not surprising either. Modern PixArt mouse sensors are all very good, even the smaller models. I’m not “Pro” enough here to be able to subjectively determine a difference. The difference to simpler office or “cheap” gaming mice is of course noticeable, but for example to an Xtrfy M4 RGB I would have to lie if I noticed a big difference in tracking.

The most noticeable thing is the weight and shape of the mouse. The low weight in combination with the very flexible cable makes the Corsair KATAR PRO XT seem almost wireless. The mouse can be moved very easily and, above all, accelerated, which can have a positive effect on your reaction times.

The difference between the 73 / 75g KATAR PRO XT and, for example, a 119g Corsair NIGHTSWORD RGB is clearly noticeable!

Compared to the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D gaming mouse, the KATAR PRO XT is a little more front-heavy, which initially took some getting used to.

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