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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G : Impressive Smartphone for Photography Lovers

The latest 2021 flagship phone with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G that comes with a new processor chip Exynos 2100, a new rear camera sensor. With support for S Pen at the same starting price as well Which the device will be like, then let’s go review it.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G comes with a very new design, especially in the camera module. Because this time the design of the camera module is the same as the frame Which this frame is aluminum And the back cover is Gorilla Glass, adding strength and also gives a more premium look. The camera module consists of four lenses, a laser AF and an LED flash.

The screen is a Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with a large 6.8 inches and WQHD + resolution, along with a 120Hz Refresh Rate, increasing the fluidity to use more. The front camera is an Infinity-O camera in the middle of the screen. Helps to increase the display area more as well There is also a finger scanning system under the screen. Which the scanning area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis finger has been enlarged as well.

Nn the right side there is a button on this side Both the volume buttons and the power button. On the left side, there is only a channel for the antenna. At the top is the noise canceling microphone. At the bottom there will be asked to insert the SIM, USB Type-C port and speaker speaker.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G comes with Adaptive Display technology that makes it more efficient to use screen with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The screen will adjust the refresh rate of the screen to suit the use at that time. The refresh rate that the device can be adjusted is from 10Hz to 120Hz, helping to save more battery than its predecessor, the S20 Ultra 5G, and can also use the highest refresh rate when adjusting the screen resolution to WQHD +. (S20 Ultra 5G can use 120Hz only requires a Full HD + resolution screen).


The Samsung Galaxy S121 Ultra 5G is equipped with a 108MP main camera like the S20 Ultra and Note20 Ultra, but the difference is that the sensor used in the S20 Ultra and Note20 Ultra uses the Samsung HM1 sensor, but on the S21 Ultra the sensor is Samsung. The HM 3 ‘s highlight is its ability to record HDR 12-BIT images, and it has been improved to achieve faster focus, lower noise and a wider color dynamic range.

Makes the resulting photos have more beautiful colors. Can take pictures in low light, much brighter than before. In addition, video work can be taken to come out with more beautiful colors than before.


Zoom Lock feature is one of the features of this S21 Ultra 5G. It is also a solution to the problem of S20 Ultra and Note20 Ultra, which Zoom Lock will make shooting at a long zoom even easier. Because in the previous version, when using the Space Zoom at the far end If your hand shakes a little The images you have aimed will immediately disappear. Causing wasted time to find a new zoom point But when there is a Zoom Lock feature added to it This feature will lock the image as still as possible. Mom said the hand you hold will not remain motionless. This makes it possible to take pictures without fear that the position will be covered in any way. (But if the hand shakes a lot, the image is off the edge, Zoom Lock can’t help either)

Pro Mode

RAW photography is one of the things photography lovers want to have. Because RAW images are easier and more versatile than pre-finished JPG images, with a 108MP camera and the Exynos 2100 processor, RAW images can be processed for the shoot. This is one of the dream features ever. Because we no longer need to carry DSLR cameras heavy.

Director View

Video shooting is the protagonist of this S21 Ultra 5G. And in response to professional videography, Samsung added a Director View feature.

Multiple Mic Recording

One of the new features added to the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will make video recording more interesting. Multiple Mic Recording uses multiple microphones to record sound. Since originally, if there is no additional microphone or headphones connected. The video will record audio through a microphone or headphones instead. This makes it difficult to take time to shoot various events and need the sound of the surrounding atmosphere, which will make video recording much easier.


The S Pen is the best feature of this Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Because originally the S Pen was only available in the Note series, but now it is in the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the features can be used just like in the Galaxy Note. S Pen is not included like Note, you have to buy more.

Processor and Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G comes with the Android 11 operating system covered with the latest version of OneUI 3.1. In terms of use, I have to admit that it is extremely slippery, because Samsung’s OneUI is already slippery And when used in conjunction with the 120Hz screen, it makes it even smoother.

One feature that the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has is Reverse Wireless Charging, which is the use of a battery charger for various accessories, which is very helpful for those who have headphones or a smart watch that supports Wireless charging But even so, the speed is not that high, it may take some time.

In terms of 5G connectivity, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has developed a lot. Because even though it is always on to connect to 5G, the battery does not drop very quickly. Because the 5G modem chip is integrated into the Exynos 1200 processor chip, it can be said that it is a good development of the Exynos processor chip ever, plus 5G connections can be very fast.

In terms of gaming with the Exynos 2100 processor chip with Mali-G78 GPU, which is a completely new chip. It is also manufactured on a 5nm process, resulting in a significant improvement in performance from the Exynos 990. It also provides better thermal control. Which has been tried to play both PUBG Mobile, RoV and Genshin Impact with the maximum adjustment The result is RoV, the fps is in the range of 50 – 52fps, which is not up to 60fps, it is expected that the Adaptive Display adjusts the fps for PUBG Mobile.Unfortunately, the graphics can not be adjusted to Ultra HD. Yes, but the thing is for sure, even if playing for a long time, the mobile will not jerk at all. As for the Genshin Impact, when adjusting the maximum value, when turning to change the direction quickly, the picture will be fine, it will be painful. Plus, the heat sparks really fast, so it’s not recommended to optimize the graphics when playing this game.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s camera, I must say, is a camera that delivers clarity with complete detail in any lighting conditions. The rear camera of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will have a total of 4 lenses, consisting of a 108MP main lens using the new Samsung HM3 sensor with Nona Super-PD technology that combines 9 images into a single image. It helps to increase both brightness and reduce noise a lot. Dual-PD 12MP Ultrawide lens that makes wide-angle photography brighter and clearer with a 10MP telephoto lens. It is capable of 3x optical zoom and a 10MP periscope telephoto lens capable of 10x optical zoom and supports 100x Space Zoom. Low light too

For selfies, it will be done with a front camera with a resolution of 40MP, which the image looks a little bright if taken in a very light place, but the cut of the live focus mode is considered smooth. It makes us look very prominent, but in low light selfies, the system will allow us to hold still for 2-4 seconds, which with the weight of the device, it is quite difficult to get a beautiful picture.

Regarding video recording, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is capable of recording 4K video on all lenses and can record video with the rear camera up to 8K 24fps, which has been tried to record various types. If you want to record, you can change the lens too Yes, it is necessary to record at a resolution of not more than 4K 30fps only, 4K 60fps will not be able to change the lens during shooting. It is necessary to select the lens to be taken first. Plus, if you record a high-resolution video for less than 10 minutes, the device will get even more hot than we spent hours playing games. This may still be a small limitation when recording video at the moment. Maybe after this, Samsung may be able to release an update to fix this problem.


The battery of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has a size of 5,000 mAh that supports the Super Fast Charge system up to 45W, which at the time of testing The testers only had a 25W adapter (25W and 45W have been experimented with slightly different charging times, so they used the cheaper 25W instead), which was the last 30 battery charging. % And takes only 54 minutes to be full. But if you use another non-Samsung fast charger, it will take 10-15 minutes more to charge.

Final Words

After trying to use the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G for a week, I have to admit that this time it worked out well. It is not comparable to the previous model. Making it hardly ever holding on to the main mobile phone Whether it’s playing games Watching movies or even taking pictures / videos Galaxy S21 Ultra does all that well. It can also be used for writing tasks as well. Even though there is still a problem with heat But it is considered to be significantly better from the previous generation It is a mobile phone that is highly recommended for content creators and people who can make money from mobile phones.

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