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Honest Review of iPhone 12 Pro Max : Big Display, Awesome Camera and Long Lasting Battery Backup

The main iPhone model for 2020 is a group of iPhone 12 that is quite pleasing to those who want to switch to 5G mobile phones, especially with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the largest and most popular model. Full of screen size And there are some internal specifications that are higher than the almost top models like the iPhone 12 Pro. IPhone 12 Pro Max owners or will fall down to the more affordable normal Pro models. Let’s take a look in this article review.

Which the iPhone 12 in this Pro series comes with a device that is quite different from the normal version Although the appearance is similar But that material clearly gives the impression that it is a more premium version. In addition to the color scheme of the device that is more luxury, as in this review, it will be the gold iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512 GB capacity, which is the top model of the model.

If compared the specification on the page of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the iPhone 12 Pro that is a similar model. The main difference is that the screen and the battery are bigger according to the size of the device. And the point that adds interest to the Max model is the image sensor. And the size of the pixels on the sensor of the larger rear camera Helps the exposure of the main rear camera to be better. There is also a stabilization system added to the image sensor level (sensor shift), which is the same stabilization found in DSLR / Mirrorless cameras from the normal OIS system relies on shifting the lens module. As a result, every lens of the rear camera in the Max model will have a shake compensation system. For sharp images Especially in video shooting

Design + Display

The front Design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it must be said that it is still the same shape as the previous model. That is, the above screen protrusion is the same length as before There is a black screen edge that is thinner than normal models like the iPhone 12, the outer glass edge is smooth to hit the edge of the stainless steel perfectly, unlike the iPhone 11 Pro Max which is a little curved and Even when using a smooth glass But as far as I have used it, I did not find any problem with the cutting edge. There will be a slight hand pain when holding the device for a long time.

The color and brightness on the screen are just as good as Apple’s top-of-the-line style, with the Super Retina XDR’s OLED construction for vibrant colors. Can accelerate the brightness up to 800 nits in the HDR display will be accelerated up to 1200 nits, making it easy to use indoors Or in the middle of the sun, there is no problem.

Now HDR videos themselves are much easier to find. Especially on popular platforms like YouTube and Netflix, there is a lot to watch. Makes watching entertainment on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is definitely full. The screen glass is a ceramic shield that has a strength in its strength. Coupled with the clarity that allows the light to pass through well.

On the right side of the top screen is where iOS displays the status that the camera and microphone are in use. In which if the camera is used, such as when opening the camera app It’s going to be a green dot. As for if it is the only use of the mic It will be an orange light, so if a colored dot appears in this area, do not panic, the screen is not broken, but it is a warning function of the iOS itself to allow the user that the camera / mic is currently active.

The back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have different colors depending on the color of the device. As if it was a golden device The back cover is a pale gold color, almost to the golden bronze level. The material used will be matt glass. Unlike the edge of the stainless steel mobile that is shiny gold.

The rear camera will have 3 lenses attached with a LED flash and a LiDAR sensor to help measure the distance from the subject. This will help to measure the focus distance when shooting in low light to do it quickly. And more accurate.

Of course, the rear camera area is raised from the back cover surface. The gold stainless steel rim surrounds the glass, covering the front of the lens.

The top edge has only a strip to help increase the gap in the metal. To assist in antenna signal reception The bottom part has both a speaker, a mic and a Lightning port.

The right side has a Power button and The left side has a sound on / off switch. Volume up / down button And the SIM card tray. Will insert a nano-SIM with one SIM If you want to use two numbers, you need to add eSIM, but for now (early 2021) if you want to use the SIM card + Nano SIM. Will still not be able to use 5G, you must use only one number first. Expect a subsequent update to be fully optimized in the future.


The external structure of the rear camera iPhone 12 Pro Max, if compared, is different from the iPhone 11 Pro Max, just the presence of a black circle that is a LiDAR sensor added under the ultra-wide lens (13mm). The top is a telephoto lens, which will be used as the main lens in Portrait mode at 2.5x zoom (65mm.) And the bottom lens is a normal wide lens (26mm.).

In the main zoom, there will be a shortcut button to adjust the zoom range together 3 ranges of 0.5x that use the ultra-wide lens 1x is a normal wide lens without zoom and a 2.5x distance that is Optical zoom As for the zoom, all the digital zoom is included. Will do a maximum of 12x.

Deep Fusion has been a function of enhancing the sharpness of iPhone photos since iPhone 11, its main feature is it enhances the sharpness of subtleties such as hair, fur, trees, leaves. It is present in all iPhone 12 models and the results are as satisfactory as ever.

HDR-assisted backlit photography is fairly good. As in the image above, this is a very bright backlit shot during the late hours, resulting in a certain amount of detail in the dark.

Continued with night photography, which the iPhone has a night mode that can work automatically according to the lighting conditions. Like in the left picture, this is a try to take a forced night mode off. The resulting image will be slightly brighter from the actual lighting conditions.

The right picture is to let the system use automatic night mode. In which, when taking a photo, I have to hold it for 2-3 seconds. The resulting image is hardly the same as a night shot. Focusing can be achieved quickly and accurately using LiDAR, capturing details in various areas is quite good. Able to use photos But may still look a little dark If compared to the top version of Android

The front camera itself supports Portrait mode as before, and also supports Deep Fusion, making the images quite real. As for trimming to blur the background, it is quite natural. There may be some parts that are not quite accurately cut. However, the level of blur is adjusted so that it does not look too far from the background, for example, assuming the subject has a level 1 clarity, which is closer to the edge of the subject. The level of clarity will be gradually reduced to 0.9 0.8 0.7 graded to 0 is the background that blurs it

Unlike many models that usually use a blur cut from 1 when past the edge of the subject. Clarity becomes 0 to all this will make the image look floating. And it looks like a cut and paste By working in this section, it will result from a combination of hardware and software. Which I must say that Apple always emphasizes in a way that makes the image more natural.

Finally, with the use of RAW files from the ultra-wide lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max caused by the opening of the Apple ProRAW mode to continue editing in the iPad, the leftmost picture is a raw image. So bright This is caused by the camera trying to capture as much as possible. The far right image is a preview of the RAW files stored by the system. The middle picture is a picture that I try to add a little bit. In fact, it will be able to add more. But with an ultra-wide lens Can even turn on night mode But the image that comes out is not as clear as a normal wide lens.

The most noticeable point is that the videos from the 12 Pro Max look less stagnant while holding the camera while the iPhone 11 has a fair amount of swaying along the way. The back of the 12 Pro Max, when shooting only the flowers, it looks more blurred. As for the color scheme, the 12 Pro Max is slightly warmer.

Processor and Performance

Usually, Apple’s A family of chips always come with top annual performance scores, and this year the Apple A14 Bionic did not disappoint, with an AnTuTu score of 650,000, and GeekBench 5 scored both. The single-core and multi-core models are higher than the A13 Bionic in the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but in terms of multi-core it still scores 600 points lower than those for the iPad Pro such as the A12Z and A12X.

Aspects of the fluidity in use Of course, there are no problems with their current use. Including at least in the next 2 years will easily stick to the screen that is still 60Hz only. The scrolling screen may not look as smooth as Android phones with a choice of 90Hz 120Hz 144Hz screen to choose from, but in terms of speed of work. Loading data I certify that it is suitable for the top model.

Aspects of the game play I do not need to test the frame rate and fluidity because as far as I tried it. All games can adjust the graphics to the highest level. No problem. Genshin Impact can adjust the maximum graphics with 60fps. The game is smooth. There will be some jerk when panning the scene. Because the game is loading scene data in the background But after a while, there was no problem.

iPhone 12 Pro Max, which provides a larger battery volume than other models, will turn on the 5G On mode, it is comfortable, especially if the area of ​​regular use. In areas where the 5G signal is covered most of the time, such as on the main roads and important areas in Bangkok, because the device does not have to consume more battery usage in order to try to capture the 5G signal, in the section Data Mode is used Just the standard level is enough.

But if you are going to use it in an area where the 5G signal is not yet fully covered It is recommended to adjust to 5G Auto, it is better or if you are sure that you do not use a 5G signal for sure or there is no 5G package, then switch to 4G mode.


In the battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a capacity of about 3600 mAh, which, although it may seem a bit less than the top Android handsets, but with the power management of the entire system that Apple has done quite well. Thus making it sufficient for daily general use, even with 5G on all the time. (If not playing heavy games Or test 5G speed all day) Even if at this time, anyone who still has to work from home like Work from home is comfortable, use 2 days without charging is still ok.

The charging input section With the in-box adapter not included If a fast charging adapter is recommended, it is best to use a USB-C adapter that supports Power delivery (PD), as Apple recommends that it has 20W more power. Which can be charged 50% in about 30 minutes or if you want to charge wirelessly You can use a Qi-based charger for a more affordable price. But it will only support 7.5W power supply, but if you want faster wireless charging, you will have to find a MagSafe charger.

Final Words

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the top iPhone model that Apple has made, building on the 11 Pro Max, worthy of being the top model of the year. With the versatility that has not been lost from the original At the same time, it adds more professional-grade video 5G capabilities. In terms of design I must say that came out to the old iPhone fans by using a square shape. Which, when combined with the choice of color tones, the luster makes the device look premium to the next level

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