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HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro : Hardcore Gaming Smartphone with Powerful Kirin 9000 Processor

HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro, the new flagship mobile phone from HUAWEI, No. 1 in terms of cameras from DxOMark. HUAWEI has said that this Mate 40 Pro is the best flagship. That has been done The power of this device comes from a new 5nm Kirin 9000 processor chip with a 50MP RYYB camera, 90Hz screen and 66W fast charging system.


The design of the Mate 40 Pro is something new. With a rear camera that comes with a Space Ring Design in the center of the device There are 4 rear cameras in the ring and an LED flash, and inside the ring is marked with Leica in the center. This kind of camera module is nothing that has never been seen before. Makes it stand out like no one else The back cover has a 3D curvature on all 4 sides, making the device look elegant. It also allows for a firm grip and a comfortable grip.

The display screen is an OLED screen with a curved design. Horizon Display leaves the front edge very thin and has a dual front camera installed in the upper left corner. The curved corners of the screen are at an angle of 88 degrees, so when you look at the screen straight from the front, the edge of the screen is almost invisible.

The top edge of the device has a speaker, microphone and infrared. The right edge has a Power button and a volume button. The bottom edge has a USB Type-C port, speaker, microphone and SIM tray.


The Mate 40 Pro comes with a 3-lens rear camera, with the main camera being a 50MP f / 1.9 Ultra Vision lens, a RYYB sensor, a 20MP f / 1.8 Ultra Wide Cine lens and a 12MP f / 3.4 telephoto lens. Supports 5x Optical Zoom and 50x Digital Zoom with AI that can automatically help identify the scene being captured. Makes taking photos easy and beautiful without complicated settings.

The selfie camera has 2 lenses, a 13MP f / 2.4 main lens and a 3D Depth Sensing lens that helps keep details in depth – shallow depth. Allows to melt the background when Safely is more beautiful and natural.

The AI ‚Äč‚Äčidentifies the background very quickly, shines not reaching the point. I can tell you what kind of scene it is. The resulting images are extremely sharp even in low light. In wide-angle shooting, the edges are not so skewed. It can store all the details and can also be used for macro photography.

This zoom camera is another feature of the Mate 40 Pro, because it can zoom up to 50 times, but not enough, it also has a stabilization system that makes it easier to take pictures without needing to rely on a tripod.

Taking pictures at night by itself is considered good. Keeping its uniqueness, HAUWEI camera is extremely good, has good light retention. The details are sharp and clear, and even when shooting in normal mode is still clear. There is no need to adjust anything.

This Dual-View mode may have been around for a long time in some mobile phone brands. But that one is a pop-up display And can only be used for the front camera, but in this Mate Pro it will split the screen in half for showing pictures And can switch from the front camera to the back camera as well This will allow you to shoot a wide variety of videos as well.


The Mate 40 Pro comes with the Android 10 operating system covered by EMUI 11, which uses HMS service instead of GMS, making it impossible to use apps from Google, but HUAWEI has built the AppGallery instead and has invested in adding more apps to this AppGallery. A lot Which, although there are many apps that are necessary for daily life, including banking apps, Line, or even a wallet app But there are still few popular games Therefore, Petal Search has been added.

Petal Search will be a place to search for apps that you want from other sources for us to select to load. This will load the app’s APK file to install on the device. If you can’t find the apps you want on AppGallery, you can always find them on Petal Search (some are old versions). May need to find another store to add).

Another interesting app is Petal Map, a navigation app that can replace Google Map at all with similar functions, allowing it to be used without having to waste time learning. You can also tell details such as the name of the street or the name of the alley. But there is a difference in the settings to navigate, and the options will appear at the bottom of the screen. Which here is a great convenience ever.

If you are a person who likes to customize the look of your mobile phone to be a favorite style, then Mate 40 Pro has a theme system There are wallpapers to choose from. And in the lock screen, it will have Magazin Unlock to change the display of different images. Every time you press the screen to open as well.

Processor and Performance

Mate 40 Pro comes with a 5nm Kirin 9000 5G chipset, Mali-G78 MP24 graphics chip and 8GB of RAM. As for playing the game, PUBG Mobile supports HDR HD graphics and Ultra resolution images, which is still not the maximum adjustment (because it can only be opened), but in playing it can be called extremely smooth. Can turn on the high frame rate mode, where fps is still at 60fps without any reduction Even if it is a clash.

The gaming efficiency is partly due to the 90Hz screen, and the high touch sensitivity of 240Hz allows the device to respond quickly to touch. From having played it for a long time, it was found that the device was almost not hot at all, just warm, and the battery was reduced very little compared to other Android brands.

Refresh Rate

Mate 40 Pro comes with a screen that has a refresh rate of 90Hz, which can be adjusted as needed. It can also be adjusted to an automatic mode where the device monitors usage and adjusts the screen to fit in use to save battery. More In addition, it has a response rate of up to 240Hz, allowing the touch to be smoother than a conventional mobile phone.


The curved edge of the Mate 40 pro not only makes the bezel very thin but also has other capabilities. Either will display various apps to be used as shortcuts. Or can be useful when playing games While playing the game can set this arc to function as L / R button

66W fast charging system and 50W wireless charging

Mate 40 Pro comes with a 4400 mAh battery, can be used for general use for a long time all day, supports HUAWEI SuperCharge charging system up to 66W, must be paired with a HUAWEI cable and adapter and supports wireless charging HUAWEI SuperCharge at 50W. In addition, the battery can also be shared to charge with other devices with the Wireless Reverse Charging feature.

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